What is an Electronic Health Record?

An electronic health record or medical record (EHR or EMR) is a data system that resides in your doctor’s office, in a hospital or with another provider. It replaces the traditional medical chart and allows your provider to enter and retrieve your medical information. Lab results can be automatically loaded in this record and prescriptions can be automatically sent to your pharmacy.

Your provider can choose to share your information with a colleague through a Health Information Exchange (HIE) like HASA. Like your provider, HASA receives information from many providers in the Central Texas area, where it is standardized and made available to a requesting physician in an aggregated and easy to read format. Providers can opt to read this information or add this to your record in their EMR.

A Personal Health Record (PHR) is an access point for you to enter your medical information, including tests, medications, and names and addresses of your doctors and insurance providers so that you can make it available to anyone you want to share this with.