A Community Health Record is a central repository that allows a patient’s medical information to follow the patient wherever they seek treatment in the community. It promotes consumer empowerment by delivering the information people need to manage resources effectively and participate in the planning process with their care team. It makes Transitions of Care easier and more efficient for healthcare providers and it enables the community to provide a medical safety net for patients. 


  • Real-time data feeds from participating hospitals, primary care and other healthcare organizations 
  • Consolidated medical information, aggregated around a particular patient and available through a web portal we call the Virtual Health Record (VHR) 
  • Contains demographic information, (insurance, address, next of kin), encounter information (dates, procedure, diagnosis, care team), Lab Reports, Radiology Reports, Pathology Reports and Transcribed Documents (History and Physicals, Discharge Summaries, Surgical Reports)  
  • Sharing data with HASA allows information to flow through to the HASA FACTS engine to assist with quality outcomes reporting and on to the Go Account to meet patient engagement goals and make information easily available to patients 


  • Reduce unnecessary radiology procedures and duplicate lab tests that can save patients time, money and medical complications 
  • Improve patient satisfaction by viewing more complete medical histories, getting the patient out of the office quicker and with more confidence about their treatment outcomes 
  • Better Transitions of Care with other treatment providers in the community
  • Meet Meaningful Use requirements and streamline workflows through data sharing