HASA is proud to showcase our talented partners involved in expanding the healthcare ecosystem:Nance Shatzkin, founder and president of Shatzkin Systems, Doug Hill COO of RosettaHealth, Jared Blake Partner from SocialClime, and our very own Phil Beckett CIO of HASA.

To get ready for the HIMSS 2018 "Community Booth" we will be sharing the varying insider perspectives of each of our partners in the simplest way possible, by asking them hard questions!

Each member in our “Community” Booth is unique in the strategies they use to further the field of Healthcare Technology, Interoperability, and Health Information exchange to better the healthcare ecosystem. We at HASA believe that who you work with is just as important as what you do.

What value do you bring to the Community Booth that make your organization unique?


"Shatzkin Systems offers a wide array of consulting services to solve the issues that impede successful adoption and integration of systems into workplace operations.  We have consistently brought value to customers by developing, documenting and training on custom-designed workflows that maximize the value of systems.  These services apply specifically to implementing the tools provided by Rosetta Health and IMAT, both of whom we have worked with in the past.  Our services ensured the BronxRHIO leveraged the functionality of Rosetta Health and IMAT for the most successful implementation."




 “RosettaHealth’s HealthBus SaaS platform moves electronic health information between healthcare organizations. Moving over 5,000,000 medical records per month over a wide variety of protocols/standards, our platform has demonstrated the scalability and value of our solution to members of the community. The key values we bring to the community include, a scalable platform for moving electronic health information between community members, over 50% less cost than building own and other solutions, 100% connectivity across any and all standards and protocols. Furthermore, the HealthBus SaaS platform implements lightning fast integrations to connect community members within hours and services real-time analytics that provide detailed health status, throughput, metrics, and logs"







SocialClime is a startup in Austin that aims to gives practices more than 10 times the amount of patient feedback automatically through online reviews that help transform your practice reputation. Jared Blake a partner at SocialClime, “Our offering helps any type of practice improve their reputation and operations by unlocking the power of patient feedback.”


HASA is a 'boots on the ground' HIE working directly with care providers to enable interoperability within Texas, addressing local needs, business and health drivers that are important to the local community. We all know data sharing is not a technology problem. There is great technology to do this which is why we are partnered with RosettaHealth and IMAT and others to deliver interoperability services. The challenge is how do you bring value to your stakeholders so they both pay and use the services and it results in better outcomes and lower costs of care delivery. HASA has years of experience doing this and is a sustainable and successful HIE in a market without State funding or mandates to use health information exchange services. Hope to share some of those stories and experiences in the booth with others growing interoperability within their own States.”



We will be joining Shatzkins Systems, RosettaHealth, SocialClime, and IMAT at the HIMSS 2018 “Community” booth #11418 in March.

In our next post where we will hear about what our partners have to say about the most promising emerging technology for the future of interoperability.