Phil Beckett, PhD 
Chief Executive Officer
Jim Hoag
Director of Business Operations
Jim brings a diverse background of experience to HASA with over 15 years in healthcare administration around physician practice operations, medical education, outpatient departments, and behavioral health. He started on the behavioral health side with a Master’s in Counseling from Denver Seminary, and continues to use those skills occasionally through his church. Jim is excited that HASA’s passion is to create a connected community of providers for patients because, as he says, “the right care at the right time requires the best information possible.”
Robert Harris
IT Director
Carol Herrera
Office Manager


Hunter Perry
Account Manager

Hunter is a Southern Arizona native and prior to relocating to Texas in 2015, lived in the Phoenix, Arizona area for 25 years. His background and experience include; neurodegenerative disease research institute, commercial operations and business development with national clinical diagnostic and reference laboratory joint-ventures, and regional leadership for an integrated healthcare delivery system. He is also a founding partner of an Arizona-based healthcare consulting firm PeridynHCS. Hunter served a Gubernatorial Appointment to the AZ State Board of Nursing, and also served in the United States Navy and Naval Reserve. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Health Administration and Master of Health Administration and Nursing Health Care Education.

Andrea Henderson
South Texas Market Lead 

Andrea brings a diverse background of experience to HASA with over 14 years in the insurance industry in claims and risk management and 6 years in health insurance sales.  Her bachelor’s degree in business assisted her in starting and operating a small business for 4 years.  She handled the sales and marketing initiatives to ensure they were implemented and executed properly including preparing reports and cost analysis of various marketing strategies.  Andrea is excited that HASA’s vision is to offer resources, expertise and counsel to achieve the highest level of health information exchange in the State and Country which will lead to providers having all the necessary information to make a safe, effective care plan for their patients.