Health Information Exchange (HIE) 

For healthcare providers, delivering quality patient care is the focus of every workday. And delivering the most effective and efficient care requires that physicians have accurate, up-to-date information about their patients. HASA brings together healthcare providers from larger health systems to single physician practices-to enable the secure exchange of health information throughout Central Texas, ensuring that providers have this information securely at their fingertips when and where they need it. 

Patients: Similar to the ability to access their money from any ATM in the country, patients and consumers consistently expect their medical information to be available to their doctor, wherever they seek treatment. As long as providers maintain patient privacy and offer patients a degree of personal data control, patients expect their information to be exchanged to provide inherent convenience, cost and quality benefits. 

Physicians & Hospitals: With narrow margins for physicians and healthcare providers, efficiency and timeliness are critical in caring for patients. Avoiding duplicate procedures, receiving real-time alerts about where your patients are being seen and obtaining relevant medical history are all opportunities to operate efficiently and maintain the focus on patient care. 

Public Health & Payers: As our communities continue to become more mobile, changing jobs, health plans, cities and states, they will need better information to manage healthcare resources more effectively. HIE is the community utility that can bring healthcare information together to assist in population health outcomes, manage length of stays and readmission costs.