For health care providers, delivering quality patientcare is the focus of every workday. And delivering the most effective and efficient care requires that physicians have accurate, up-to-date information about their patients. HASA brings together health care providers – from large health systems to single physician practices – to enable the secure exchange of health information throughout Central Texas, ensuring that providers have this information securely at their fingertips when and where they need it.

     Once a safety net for uninsured and under-insured patients, HASA has grown into a full community based collaborative that enables the secure exchange of health information among health care providers who choose to participate.

 Why Health Information Exchange(HIE) through HASA?

 Patients Want It

     Patients and consumers consistently expect their medical information to be available to their medical provider. As long as providers maintain patient privacy and offer patients a degree of personal data control, patients expect their information to be exchanged to provide inherent convenience, cost and quality benefits.

Providers Need It

     With narrow margins for physicians and health care providers, efficiency and timeliness are critical in caring for patients. Avoiding test duplication, receiving referral information in time and obtaining lab results are all opportunities to operate efficiently and maintain the focus on patient care.

Federal Reimbursement Is Driving It

     “Meaningful Use” is one way by which the Federal Government expects to stimulate conversion from paper records to Electronic Medical Records (EMR) in hospital and ambulatory settings. With significant incentives tied to time lines and milestones, a massive shift in healthcare is currently taking place.The government awards financial incentives to providers who participate in Meaningful Use, while reimbursement penalties loom for those who opt not to engage. HASAs health information exchange helps providers maximize EMR investments and prepare for the shift to electronic records and reimbursement reform. Soon enough, all future data exchange with federal programs will occur electronically.


How to Participate with HASA

       Whether you are a regional health system, a hospital, a large physician group or a small practiceHASA has an HIE solution to meet your needs. We offer our services to program participants throughout San Antonio and 22 neighboring counties. In time, HASA will be connecting to other HIE organizations in order to facilitate statewide patient information exchange. Each of HASA’s five service line options are available on an annual subscription basis and each focus on the needs of a specific user group, with a specific purpose:

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