HASA values your partnership in building connected communities. Together we strive to continually improve health outcomes. As a repository of clinical information across a variety of organizations, we are committed to our goal of helping plan for the needs of patients and customers.

To help further this goal, we have streamlined the process in which your organization may submit data reporting requests directly to HASA for review. Although we acknowledge that our data set can never be a complete representation of the population, we have made suggestions to help organizations have a better understanding of the data that is available. All requests will be properly vetted, and when appropriate, our IT team will consult the HASA analytics committee to ensure proper use and distribution of data in keeping with our contributors’ approval and understanding.

Request Submission Process:

  1. Download the Reporting Request Form from this webpage. You may also download the Report Request example for guidance.
  2. Submit the completed form to HASA for review at support@hasatx.org
  3. Your Report Request will be reviewed and a HASA member will contact you within 7 days to schedule a 30-minute work session to discuss and refine your data request submission.
  4. Based on the outcome of your work session, HASA will develop a project timeline and cost proposal. Cost is based on the complexity of the request and the amount of time required to complete the project.
  5.  A Business Associate Agreement, Data Usage Agreement, and Statement of Work Agreement will be created to reflect this project plan and sent to your organization for review.
  6.  When the project is approved and the contracts are signed, your report request will move to the active report building queue.