You can view our Notice of Privacy Practices Here

No discussion around patient health information exchange can be complete without mentioning the issue of security and patient privacy. Preliminary consumer feedback to HASA has indicated that consumers see multiple benefits in the process of electronic data exchange as long as they have a say in it and privacy is assured.

HASA exchanges information under stringent federal policies from HIPAA, ADA and OCR in addition to current state law. HASA will not , and is not allowed to, sell information and only facilitates the exchange of patient data for treatment, payment or operational purposes.

In addition, all patient information is exchanged securely and encrypted, while adhering to over 64 privacy and security policies.

HASA is not a provider of care. Its function is to aggregate and normalize data across many different EMR systems. We do not add or delete information, but are dependent upon the source organization for its accuracy and completeness. The sending organizations make decisions regarding what information will be sent to HASA and which providers will have access to the aggregated information. Authorization to view patient information within the HASA system is granted to users based on their role, relationship and need-to-know for the treatment of each patient. HASA maintains strict audit procedures to detect and enforce the proper use of the system.

Although Health Information Exchange is widely considered necessary and beneficial for improving patient safety and providing a more complete patient history for diagnosis and treatment, patients have the right to decide not to share their information. Each participating facility has agreed to notify patients of their participation with HASA by posting “On the Go” window clings and Patient Information Brochures in visible locations, to help explain how information is shared. Patients who seek treatment at a participating facility will automatically be included unless they complete an Opt-Out Form. 

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