As part of our infrastructure upgrades to improve HASA services we will be replacing our interface engine server and migrating all connections on Monday March 19th at 6 pm CDT.

Data senders: There will be a brief downtime as we stop the existing connection, transfer the public IP to the new server and bring the connection back up. We don't anticipate any issues

Data receivers: If you are receiving data from HASA (automated alerts) there will be an interruption as the servers are changed. We don't anticipate any connection issues from our new server, but ask that your interface team is aware incase we need to make any adjustments after the server swap.

sFTP users have received new credentials and can test against a temporary public IP. They will need to use the new credentials and the original IP address after Monday evening.


Baptist Health System is in the process of switching EMR vendors. As of October 4th, 2016 the information from Baptist Health System may not be complete. Reconnection will occur in Q1 of 2017 and include all data in the disconnect period. The exact date of reconnection will be announced as soon as possible.


  • LabCorp is now connected to HASA. Providers/Practices interested in submitting copies of their lab results to the community record may contact us at