Healthcare Access San Antonio (HASA) Taps Mana Health to Build HIE Patient Portal

Agreement paves the way for providing the estimated two million people

living in South Central Texas secure, first-time, online access to their health records


San Antonio, Texas – March 12, 2014Healthcare Access San Antonio (HASA), the Health Information Exchange (HIE) for South Central Texas, has selected Mana Health’s Patient Gateway as its patient portal solution. Once completed, the portal will be the first of its kind in Texas to give patients an aggregated medical record across multiple organizations from a single community portal.


Expected to launch by July 1, 2014, the MyHASA patient portal will aggregate all of a patient’s health records into one easily accessible and navigable portal. The portal will be available to the two million residents in HASA’s 22-county service area, and will serve to facilitate access to and engagement with their personal healthcare data. The portal will also enable the communication between patients and their healthcare providers to improve the quality of healthcare delivery within the region.


“Our goal for MyHASA is to offer a tool that gives the people of this region access to and control over their own health records,” said Gijs van Oort, CEO and executive director for HASA. “By empowering patients with access to their own medical information, they can become more engaged in their personal healthcare.”


The MyHASA patient portal will allow patients to download, transmit and maintain copies of their medical information from all healthcare providers within the HASA network, and maintain it in one intuitive and customizable tile-based portal. Through the portal, patients will be able to directly access their heath data from any internet-connected device, engage with personalized educational information, communicate with their healthcare providers via secure messaging, and easily track the progress and status of specific conditions.


Additional features of MyHASA will include:

  • Proxy Access – Users are enabled to grant access to their portal to a loved one or care giver, and can easily switch between individuals’ portals for which they have been granted access. For instance, a mother could transition between her portal and a child’s portal.
  • Self-Reported Data – Users can add personal health-related information, such as payment status, and important documents like immunization cards and x-rays.
  • User Device Integration – Users can connect activity tracking devices, such as FitBit, and will eventually have the ability to include portable medical devices such as glucose monitors.
  • Spanish Language Option – Spanish speaking residents of the HASA region will benefit from a seamless language alternative.


"We look forward to working with HASA and the opportunity to enhance the healthcare experience in South Central Texas by bringing a patient-friendly portal to its members,” said Chris Bradley, CEO and co-founder of Mana Health. “We’ve designed this portal with the patient at the center as well as a keen understanding of the needs of HIEs for enhanced patient/provider communications and full data access and management. Enabling improvements in healthcare engagement is key to a successful patient portal.”

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About Mana Health

Mana Health is a healthcare technology company that uses data to make healthcare work better. Based in New York City, their team is comprised of experts from across healthcare, software development, consumer experience, and analytics. Mana Health's first product, the Mana Patient Gateway, offers an engaging experience that empowers patients through their HIE, hospital, and employer data. Mana Health’s innovative portal designs won the Patient Portal for New Yorkers Design Challenge. To learn more about Mana Health, visit


About Healthcare Access San Antonio (HASA)
Healthcare Access San Antonio (HASA) is a 501 (c) (3) community collaborative initiative to enhance access to health and medical care for Central Texas residents through Health Information Exchange (HIE). Supported by major providers in the community, HASA adds to the medical safety net by offering an electronic shared patient record in a safe and secure environment. With this level of connectivity across provider entities, care can be delivered more effectively and conveniently.


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