Why is HIE important?

For every hospital administrative team, keeping doctors and patients happy while juggling budgetary concerns and shrinking reimbursement is a full time endeavor.  Technology can be an overwhelming part of this responsibility, to purchase, maintain, train and protect, but few will argue that it has great potential to improve outcomes and population health issues. Health Information Exchange (HIE) allows the most current medical information from across the community to be available at a doctor’s fingertip, improving care and saving lives. Despite ongoing, significant investment in EMR systems, doctors still struggle to have the right information available, at the right time, while the patient is waiting in the treatment room. The concept of HIE takes advantage of a "hub and spoke" model of exchange, where each organization connects just one time to the local HIE, thereby avoiding the expenses and hassles of multiple interfaces and allowing patient data to flow. With one search, you can retrieve a robust, region-wide, real-time medical record that will tell you where your patient has sought treatment.

What can HASA do for my Hospital System?

HASA’s suite of services can enable hospitals to:
  • Connect less expensively to community physicians
  • View real-time data from neighboring systems in an aggregated format
  • Manage the continuum of care for patients in high risk situations
  • Provide real-time alerts for referring physicians when their patients visit the hospital
  • Run reports on community readmissions rates between hospital systems on a real-time basis, rather than simply from within their own system
  • Run reports on various population health measurements for the community
  • Provide a low cost option for an aggregated Patient Portal, so that patients can see all their health information in one location.

What are the costs to participate?

HASA originally received 2M dollars in ARRA funding to build the existing services available today.  Today, HASA is 70% sustainable on fee-for-service from our participating hospital systems, payer groups and physician practices. The main expense for participating with the HIE is the cost associated with a one-time interface from your EMR to our HIE vendor. HASA is working hard to obtain supplemental funds to offset the associated HASA costs, but each system will be responsible for their individual EMR charges. Contact your EMR vendor for a full listing of their bundles and fees associated with connecting to an HIE. For further inquiry, please contact us at info@hasatx.org.