Dr. Phil Beckett will play pivotal role as HASA expands statewide
           (SAN ANTONIO) September 19, 2015 ––HASA, the organization responsible for implementing the health information exchange (HIE) for this region,  announced today that Phil Beckett, PhD, will lead the organization’s planned expansion into North and West Texas. Beckett will serve in the newly created    role of chief expansion technology officer. (Details on these expansions will be unveiled in the coming days/weeks.)
          The HIE allows healthcare providers to have access to the right clinical data in a timely fashion and it empowers consumers to have access to and  manage their own medical records. There are eight HIEs in Texas, located in cities across the state including Houston, Austin, Beaumont and San Antonio.
          One of the state’s most robust HIE is HASA in San Antonio which will, over the next several months, announce plans to expand into other parts of the  state, bringing the electronic health records of millions more patients into the HASA HIE.
          “The greater the number of patient records that are aggregated into one source, the faster patients can take control of their medical information and the more information doctors have about their patients’ medical history to provide better outcomes,” said Gijs Van Oort, executive director for HASA.
          Dr. Beckett, who joined HASA this month with the task of expanding the organization’s footprint in Texas said, “I'm looking forward to the next couple of years of HIE development in Texas and eager to see it become part of the fabric of care delivery.” Beckett said, “It is my hope that soon we will wonder how we ever lived without it.”
            Dr. Beckett is the former chief technology officer and privacy and security officer for Greater Houston Healthconnect. He joined Healthconnect in 2012 and served as a pioneer for interoperability in Houston and the Southeast Texas region. During his tenure as CTO in 2013, Healthconnect went live with CHRISTUS Health and Legacy Community Health Services, which became the first organizations connected to the network. Since then, more than 280 healthcare organizations have signed on to exchange information through the network. Dr. Beckett introduced and integrated diagnostic image sharing using DicomGrid into Healthconnect with the goal of reducing duplicated tests and reducing patient’s exposure to unnecessary radiation.  
           Dr. Beckett was trained in biochemistry and metabolism at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. He was a post-doctorial fellow in Houston and studied protein metabolism at the Children’s Nutrition Research Center. At Texas Children’s Hospital he developed a rapid amino acid assay used to perform protein clamps and measure insulin sensitivity in children with diabetes. He kick started his IT career in the hospital, writing interfaces to capture data electronically from monitoring systems and patients. He cofounded a startup, RosettaMed as a developer for patient data capture applications with interfaces to electronic health records. He led the sale of the company to Kryptiq Corporation and worked there on secure clinical messaging before joining Baylor College of Medicine to lead their clinical information systems implementation (Epic, iSite PACS).
 About Healthcare Access San Antonio (HASA)
          Healthcare Access San Antonio (HASA) is a 501 (c) (3) community collaborative initiative to enhance access to health and medical care for Central Texas residents through Health Information Exchange (HIE). Supported by major providers in the community, HASA adds to the medical safety net by offering an electronic shared patient record in a safe and secure environment. With this level of connectivity across provider entities, care can be delivered more effectively and conveniently.www.hasatx.org