HASAFacts is a powerful data analytic tool that allows multiple stakeholders to understand trends and monitor chronic disease states across a continuum of care. Data populates both the Virtual Health Record (VHR) and the HASAFacts analytic tools to aggregate valuable clinical information from hospitals, physicians and other care providers. This includes demographic information, diagnoses and procedure codes, admission, discharge and transfer information, lab, radiology, pathology and transcribed documents such as discharge summaries. By maintaining its neutrality in the community, HASA can provide multiple stakeholders with valuable information to ensure the safety of the community and the welfare of the patient.


  • Data center receives real-time information from participants to populate various reporting and analytic tools
  • Dashboard views available for hospitals, physicians, payers and public health with data that can be grouped and filtered by key parameters 
  • Ad-hoc reports for specific one-time needs  
  • Ability to export data for additional use within an organization  


  • Public Health departments can quickly and conveniently identify sources for potential disease outbreak 
  • Payers can provide timely hospital patient discharges as well as create real-time member cohorts for population health management 
  • Hospitals and health systems can track re-admissions, high utilizers for emergency services, and monitor population health management concerns 
  • Physicians can utilize HASAAlerts to follow up with patients in a more timely fashion, run quality reports to monitor overall success and request reports for population health management for their practice