In today’s connected society, it’s hard to believe that healthcare systems are having such a hard time communicating effectively. There is no shortage of tools designed to assist organizations with secure, encrypted communication around referrals, emails and results delivery. The problems tend to creep up when trying to agree on a universal solution. Everyone has a fax or e-fax solution built into their Electronic Medical Records (EMR), but most referrals end up sitting on the receiving organization’s fax machine, waiting to be addressed. Not only does this not meet the new guidelines for data security, but it provides no real-time feedback about whether the patient will be accepted, declined or what happened as a result of the visit. Additionally, everyone has experienced the frustration of waiting on the phone and wishing for a more immediate solution to get patient information, results or consultation information. HASACommunications consists of a series of tools designed to meet these needs, utilizing a grid like system called iNexx that, although separate from your EMR, provides a low cost way to exchange information electronically without the need for a traditional interface. 

  HASAReferrals LoneStar DIRECT  Results Delivery
iNexx App Accessible  
Web accessible    
Meets new standards for data security and privacy
Meets Meaningful Use measures
Multiple user accessible
Multiple user accountability    
eMail alert for new messages  
Real-time status updates    
Customizable information page