HASA Alerts support Transitional Care Management (TCM) Services by allowing your practice to select specific patient groups on which to run reports for daily alerts to inform you when they have been seen at a participating hospital. Timely information allows staff to set appropriate follow-up visits, resulting in increased reimbursement payments from certain health plan contracts. 


  • Near real-time clinical notifications 
  • Dashboard view  
  • No interface necessary – only an easy eligibility list upload 
  • Monitor multiple patient populations separately 
  • Low cost  
  • Easy to use 


  • Chronically ill patients will receive more timely care and will feel better taken care of 
  • Potentially increase revenues $10,000-$20,000 per year, per practitioner (based on 10 TCM Services per month)
  • Alert Reports are available on your HASA dashboard, so your staff doesn’t have to depend on each hospital system to send information or miss those visits entirely 
  • Through the HASA dashboard, your staff can run the reports at their convenience instead of being inundated with excess notifications throughout the day