No Health Information Exchange (HIE) can achieve real success without consumer and patient engagement. Too often, navigating the medical landscape can be confusing and frustrating for consumers. Your GO Account provides you with a near-real-time record of your medical encounters, and allows you to access educational materials and communicate securely with your providers who participate with the HIE through an easy-to-understand mobile ready application.


  • Access health information from multiple organizations in one convenient, consolidated view
  • Organize your family’s information in one place, by granting or denying individual access with the touch of a button
  • Build a single source of record for problem lists, medications and chronic issues
  • Fill in gaps in information through self-reported data that stays distinct from other medical information
  • Create dashboards for specific disease states or areas of concern and report progress easily to your physician
  • Sync certain compatible devices to seamlessly track weight, sleep patterns, fitness levels, blood pressure or glucose in one location
  • Send secure messages to communicate with your participating providers about appointments, medication refills or other medical inquiries


  • Avoid keeping track of multiple patient portal passwords and login information
  • Remember dates and procedures more easily and maintain ongoing medical issues more effectively
  • Ensure accuracy, like a credit report for your medical records
  • Avoid carrying around large files of old records or labs to new appointments