What can HASA and HIE do for my practice?

There are many demands on physicians in private practice today, not the least of which is having all the necessary information to make a safe, effective care plan for your patients. As more and more physicians move to Electronic Medical Records (EMR), the much-promised efficiency improvements continue to be elusive. Despite ongoing, significant investment in EMR systems, doctors still struggle to have the right information available, at the right time, while the patient is waiting in your office. While most practices have access to hospital EMR systems, the average doctor maintains upwards of 26 logins and passwords at any given time. Unless a patient tells you where and when they were seen for treatment elsewhere, that information remains locked up at each individual point of care. If your practice has implemented an EMR system, likely you quickly came to the realization that simply making your records electronic didn't solve all of your connectivity challenges. The average practice then must make multiple interfaces with local hospitals, lab or radiology groups or other referral networks, in order to be able to share information effectively. In addition to the high cost to build these individual interfaces, there are yearly maintenance costs and the headache of employing a team of technology professionals to keep everything flowing smoothly. Conversely, the concept of Health Information Exchange (HIE) takes advantage of a "hub and spoke" model of exchange, where each practice connects just one time to the local HIE, thereby avoiding the expenses and hassles of multiple interfaces. With one search, you can retrieve a robust, region-wide, real-time medical record that will tell you where your patient has sought treatment.

What are my options for participating?

How you participate with HASA is an individual decision and should be based upon your goals for your practice. Some items to consider are:

  • Am I struggling to meet my Meaningful Use Objectives for sharing data? (i.e..., Transitions of Care, Statewide Electronic Referrals Network) Click here for Referral information.
  • Am I interested in receiving real-time alerts for my patients who are seen in the hospital, for the purposes of follow-up or continuity of care? Click here to read more about HASA Alerts.
  • Could my practice benefit from having access to my patients' aggregated medical information from hospitals and providers in the region from one secure access point? Click here for the Virtual Health Record.
  • Could my practice or my patients benefit from having a consolidated Patient Portal, that includes your practice information, as well as all the other information contributed to the HIE? Click here for HASA Go Account.
  • Do I need a secure DIRECT email solution for communicating with my colleagues? Click here for DIRECT Messaging.
  • Does my practice need help with near real-time analytics and reporting? (ie. PQRS reports, HEDIS reports, Length of Stay reports, Readmission reports, or other customized reports as needed.) Click here for HASAFacts.

What are the costs to participate?

The main expense for participating with the HIE is the cost associated with a one-time interface from your EMR to our HIE vendor. HASA is working hard to obtain supplemental funds to off-set the associated HASA costs, but each practice will be responsible for their individual EMR charges. Contact your EMR vendor for a full listing of their bundles and fees associated with connecting to an HIE. In most circumstances, sending ADT information (Admission, Discharge, Transfer) and CCDs (Continuity of Care Documents) is sufficient for effective participation. Certain types of participation do not require an interface. Therefore, even practices who are not utilizing an EMR system or who don't currently wish to interface their EMR, can still participate with some of the HASA services. For further inquiry, please contact us at info@hasatx.org